Meiosis (rhythm)

Marker and watercolor on 9"x12" watercolor paper

When thinking about rhythm, repetition with variation, the cellular process of meiosis came to mind. Rather than making exact duplicates (like mitosis), meiosis recombines the genetics given to a cell by its parents to make completely novel combinations of those genes. After meiosis, those new gametes (egg and sperm cells) may go on to combine with other gametes to create whole new organisms which are very similar to their parents, but hardly identical. 

To create visual rhythm the piece relies on the repetition of the cell membranes as circles (or two partially overlapping circles), the movement of the chromatids (the orange, green, pink, and blue pieces inside the cells), and "pop" bubbles denoting cytokinesis (the splitting of the cell membrane into two separate cells).  The "pop"s also celebrate the show Community.


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